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May 16, 2018

As you are reading this check in to how you are breathing right here and now? Take notice... Is it short and choppy or uneven, long and smooth? Does your belly go in when you inhale or does it go out? Take the time right here and now to expand on the breath. Count up during your inhale as your belly, ribcage, chest and clavicle expand. Now exhale double the time or at least longer than you inhale if you can while pushing the belly back towards your spine. The mind likes to take you away from this practice with constant thoughts. That's O.K. Alway's acknowledge your thoughts but let them go knowing that you will be of clearer mind after this practice and more efficient. So come ba...

September 6, 2017

YOGA4CANCER and CAREGIVERS event coming in October,

event page here: Facebook Event Page

Join this month long event especially created for cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers. This Yoga 4 Cancer event is being hosted by Shanti Yoga Phoenix.

This event includes the following:

  • 3 Saturday 1 hr yoga sessions

  • 1 Saturday extended 2 hr session & closing ceremony

  • 1 Gaiam yoga mat

  • 1 locally handmade yoga journal

  • 1 handmade raku blessing bowl

  • 4 Dr Teal's single use eucalyptus epsom bags

  • Daily inspirational quotes & mantras

  • 1 Asana/informational handout

This entire package is valued at $200, but is only $65 during this event.
Spaces are limited an...

August 23, 2017

So in the effort to bring more classic yoga to the community we are expanding the team! We want to bring an exhilarating morning class, a daily evening class along with a couple of later night yoga nidra classes for those of you having trouble sleeping. **Please note that until we have an establish following the classes may be cancelled. So please schedule if you are interested.** What kind of classes do you want to see and what time of day? We would love to here from you so please drop us a line on the contact page or start a chat. 

On another note you may have noticed we are no longer with the Mind Body scheduler. It just wasn't a great match for our small community so we are ba...

May 29, 2017

Please remember and take a moment to honor the ones that have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms. I am grateful for the living and the fallen that have fought for us. 

Regular schedule will resume tomorrow.

Om Shanti

April 21, 2017

Earth day tomorrow! We will still have our phx420yoga class tonight at 7pm but will be closed Saturday to help clean up McDowell Rd for earth day. Please come join us. Starting at Trellis @ 7:30 am. I will be holding a light stretching class after the event @ Noon at the studio.

Om Shanti

March 16, 2017

Every Wednesday and Friday night at 7pm is PHX420 YOGA but this Friday wear green and get a free gift! Rules are wear green, p reschedule and show up! HAPPY ST FATTY'S DAY!

February 25, 2017

Shanti Yoga Phx has now been open about 7 week. For those of you that have come in thank you for your support. I have learned that my morning classes are just a little too late for the early birds and just a bit too early for the night owls so I have decided to change the times and add a couple of night time classes.Stay tuned for the new schedule to come. Starting March 1st there will be only one morning class at 9am. There will still be noon time on Wednesday and Friday. The new night time class will be Wednesday and Friday at 7pm. Hope to see you soon.

Om Shanti


February 14, 2017

Starting Wednesday March 1st @

7pm there will be a new class at the studio. PHX420 will be taught by Hatha with Heather. 

Teachers inspired by the healing culture around cannabis will feature ambient tunes and references to the chakras, auras, and the energetic body. We create a laid back environment for you to get to know your own body on a deeper level. It's all about healing yourself.

February 3, 2017

The mural is finally done and oh how worth the wait it was! Maggie Keane, a fabulously talented neighbor and a group of my neighbors and friends raised the funds needed to bring me this awesome gift. It's stunning. I am so grateful for everyone in this great community that made this happen. I love my community and hope I will serve them well. I am so glad that to have chosen to do this outside for all passers by to see. Come see it for yourself. I am humbled by its beauty and the hearts of the ones involved.

Om Shanti



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Yoga 4 Cancer event announced!

September 6, 2017

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