Just breathe

As you are reading this check in to how you are breathing right here and now? Take notice... Is it short and choppy or uneven, long and smooth? Does your belly go in when you inhale or does it go out? Take the time right here and now to expand on the breath. Count up during your inhale as your belly, ribcage, chest and clavicle expand. Now exhale double the time or at least longer than you inhale if you can while pushing the belly back towards your spine. The mind likes to take you away from this practice with constant thoughts. That's O.K. Alway's acknowledge your thoughts but let them go knowing that you will be of clearer mind after this practice and more efficient. So come back to the count. Do this several times till you get into a comfortable rhythm. I will wait....

Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Is there a change in your breath or comfort level? Have you slowed down? Did you know this simple exercise can help your stress levels and your health immensley? Want to learn more? come in for our group yoga class every Tuesday through Friday @ 8:30 AM.

How do you feel now? calmer, clearer

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