Shanti team and class offerings are growing!

So in the effort to bring more classic yoga to the community we are expanding the team! We want to bring an exhilarating morning class, a daily evening class along with a couple of later night yoga nidra classes for those of you having trouble sleeping. **Please note that until we have an establish following the classes may be cancelled. So please schedule if you are interested.** What kind of classes do you want to see and what time of day? We would love to here from you so please drop us a line on the contact page or start a chat.

On another note you may have noticed we are no longer with the Mind Body scheduler. It just wasn't a great match for our small community so we are back to using the Wix scheduler until we find the perfect fit. *please note when scheduling you must click on the time before you hit schedule. Its a little tricky on that last step. Some figure it out once they do it once.*

Thank you for your continued support.

Om Shanti

The Shanti Yoga Phx Team

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