About Sharon


Hatha RYT200

Hatha RYT500


Yin L1

Yoga of the Heart

(Cardiac and cancer)


Y-Medica Rewind

Senior Chair Yoga


Continued education in Biomechanics,
PTSD, neck and shoulder,
deep relaxation and restorative yoga
Meet Sharon

My journey with yoga started at age 13 when I used to get the pleasure of watching and practicing with Lilias on the PBS chanel. I can still to this day remember how great I felt heading into school right after. Life's journey and circumstances took me away from the practice for many years and for those years I didn't have time to remember the benefits I recieved from my younger years practice. Fast foward to turning 30 and my skydiving years. As I was progressing on my team I remembered yoga. I got us all back to yoga. Soon after coming back to the mat my practice transformed in ways I wasn't ready for, but never the less it happened. The transformation came from within, above, below and all around me. I'm a true believer that yoga is about a work in, not a work out and that a yoga practice is attainable by everybody! Our western culture has taken yoga and watered it down to just another workout to reach our weight and flexability goals. Yoga is not just Asana's (poses). There are many other aspects of yoga that I wanted to bring back into my Western practice, such as Pranayama (breathing exercises), Chanting (shout,chorus,repeat), Mantra (repeated words or sounds), Mudra (symbolic hand gestures), and Meditation. Our society is running full force on the Sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and we have too many studios keeping out the full spectrum of a traditional yoga practice that has been scientifically proven to help with so many dis-eases. My intention is to bring my visitors to their Parasympathetic nervous system (relax and digest) by sharing all aspects I have learned (and forever learning) about a traditional yoga practice. I want to teach my clients the ability to have a practice of their own.


If you have not started your yoga journey yet no worries. This studio was created just for you. Come start your journey here and find peace through your practice. You are your own guru, I am just your guide.

Om Shanti shanti shanti